High School PhotoHunt TONIGHT!

Tonight at SNL is the annual PhotoHunt for high school! It’s a fun night of exploring, finding clues, and strategizing to become the 2017 Champ.

It’s also Bring-a-Friend Night, so if you bring a friend, both you and the friend get to enter a raffle for other amazing prizes!

It’s fun, it’s amazing, it’s PhotoHunt!



High School PhotoHunt & Bring-a-Friend TONIGHT!

Tonight is our annual PhotoHunt & Bring-a Friend Night! Come and join us for an amazing night of fun where we leave campus and do an epic scavenger hunt around the area. It is also bring-a-friend night! If you bring a friend tonight, you get entered into a raffle for a prize AND your friend gets entered into a raffle for a prize as well! It’s a crazy fun night, so join us!

P.S. – Don’t worry middle schoolers, your PhotoHunt is happening on Nov. 16th!

PhotoHunt… and the World Series

Tonight is PhotoHunt + Bring-a-Friend Night at youth group from 6:30-8:30pm! It’s is one of the most fun nights of the year and we hope you can come out and join us for this fun game, and the chance to win great stuff in the raffle. To enter the raffle all you have to to is bring a friend: you get an entry for bringing a friend, and the friend(s) you bring also get entered. Sweet!

PhotoHunt 2015

We originally scheduled the middle school PhotoHunt at GPS to be this coming Wednesday. However, the Royals decided to go ahead and win the pennant and go to the World Series; Game 2 is this Wednesday so we are going to have a watch party at GPS on Wednesday, October 28. Don’t worry, PhotoHunt for middle school is still happening, we are just pushing it to another week!

PhotoHunt & Bring-a-Friend Night is Coming – Oct. 19 & 22!

One of the best nights of the year is happening on October 19 (for high school) and 22 (for middle school)!

PhotoHunt 2014

And don’t forget that it is also bring-a-friend night! Friends are always welcome to any Cheer or GPS, or course. BUT, on these two nights, if you bring a friend…
1) You get entered into a drawing, and…
2) The friend you bring is entered into a drawing

It is guaranteed to be a super fun night, so come check it out!