Leftover Halloween Candy?

Have leftover Halloween candy? Donate it to the Youth Department! 

This year we are once again sending college care packages out, and we fill those packages with your leftover candy. It’s a great way to help care for our college students, letting them know we are thinking of them… and some real mail containing a little sugar is always welcomed by students at school.

Donated candy can be left at either reception desk (north or south) at the church. Just put a label on it that says “Youth Department” and it will find its way to us.

Thank you!!


Leftover Halloween Candy?

With Halloween around the corner, we are once again calling out for any leftover candy! We collect extra/leftover Halloween candy and put it into care packages for our college students – so fun! You can drop off any candy in the Youth Office, or at the front desk at either entrance to the church (just label it “Youth Ministry”).

Thank you in advance, both from us and from the college students who will receive it!

Leftover Halloween Candy

Have extra Halloween candy that you don’t want to eat (but know you eventually will if it just sits around)? Bring it on over to the church and donate it to the youth department; it will be used to send care packages out to our college students! There are few things better than getting real mail when you are at school, and what better mail than a care package filled with treats and a reminder that we appreciate our college students as they prepare for the end of the semester?

If you want to donate treats, just drop them off at the front desk at the church, with a note that says it’s for the Youth Department, or just come up to our offices and leave it there. We’ll take care of the rest – and thank you!

Leftover Halloween Candy?

In case you are wondering what to do with your leftover Halloween candy after Saturday night, you can donate it to the Youth Department! Each year we send care packages out to our college students and pack them full of treats – yum!  So if you have leftover treats and don’t feel like eating all of it yourself, bring it over to the church; you can drop it at the front desk and write “Youth Department” on it, or just bring it up to the Youth Offices.

We appreciate it, and our college students will, too!