Denver Mission Trip Recap

Yesterday (Wednesday) we returned from the middle school mission trip to Denver, full to the brim with stories, laughter, donuts, indoor cliff diving & mariachi bands, late-night games while staying at Calvary Baptist (thanks for their amazing hospitality!), opportunities to serve, and reflecting on the Lost Parables (Luke 15).

What did we do? While we were there we spent time with a group called Yard Angels, dedicated to helping people age in their homes by helping them care for the exterior of those homes. It involved some tough yard work (and cutting some intense thistles). We also traveled up to Greeley, CO (Jenna’s old stomping grounds!) to work with her church helping to serve a meal to the homeless (a program the church has been doing every Monday to 15 years!). Our third work day – and certainly the hottest work in the sun – was with Extreme Community Makeover cleaning up alleys by picking up trash, weeding, and painting over graffiti. After the work days we had time to visit the zoo, swim at the Cherry Creek Reservoir, getting a sugar fix at Voodoo Donuts, fine dining and entertainment at Casa Bonita, and a host of other fun!

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What did we talk about? Each evening we also had programming where we could debrief the day as well as talk about our theme for the week: Luke 15 and the “Lost Parables.” Each of the parables tell us something about who God is, and in learning about God we in turn learn something about who and how God is with us. In short, God is always seeking after us, no matter who we are. If we feel lost, if we feel like the world has abandoned us, if we question our worth, if we squander what is given to us, or even if we are resentful of others – God always seeks to find us, to invite us, and to embrace and celebrate us.

Our prayer as we return is that we would have confidence that God is seeking us, and that part of our call is to seek to make others feel known and found.

What a great week!


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