Youth Week: Tuesday, Day 3

On Day 3 of Youth Week we have a twofer Tuesday! We will be volunteering in the morning and going to the T-Bones game in the evening. Here are the details:

Morning: Volunteering
Meet at Village at 9:30am and we’ll be back by 12:30pm. We are heading out to Hillcrest Transitional Housing to work in their community garden! Bring a pair of gloves with you, but we will have some extras on hand. It’s a great way to be involved with the community, to work with others, and to contribute to those around you.


Evening: T-Bones Game
Tuesday night we will meet at 6:00pm and go cheer on the minor league baseball team, the T-Bones! Come enjoy big fun at the small park – there’s always something going on, whether you are watching the game, playing basketball by the outfield, or exploring the stadium. The cost is $10, and we’ll be back at about 9:45pm.

Any other way to spend a Tuesday this week is just boring!

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