Youth Week Starts June 5th!

Youth Week 2016

Youth Week is almost here! There is no better way to kick off the summer, get to know the summer interns, and generally be awesome. Here’s what we have going on:

Sunday: Worlds/Oceans of Fun! ($30)
Meet at the church at 9:30am, we’ll be back by 5:00pm. Our ticket gives us access to both parks, so come have fun on the roller coasters or in the wave pool!

Monday: R&R at Loose Park (Free!)
Meet by the tennis courts from 2:00-4:00pm. Bring a blanket, bring a hammock, bring a Frisbee, bring a pet, bring the kids you nanny! We’ll have snacks on hand and enjoy a beautiful day at the park.

Tuesday: Volunteering in the morning (Free!); T-Bones Game in the evening ($10)
Volunteering: Meet at church at 9:30 and we will head to work at the community garden for Hillcrest Community Housing. We’ll return to the church at about 12:30pm. Wear closed-toe shoes and enjoy helping others!
T-Bones Game: Meet at the church at 6pm and enjoy a fun evening watching the T-Bones at Community America Park up by Legends – and we sit right by where the players come in and out – amazing! We’ll be back at about 10:00pm.

Wednesday: Powerplay! ($20)
Get ready for Powerplay! Meet at the church at 11am and we’ll be back by 3pm. Lunch in included in this fun day playing games, racing go-karts, and competing at whirlyball!

Thursday: Crafternoon (Free!)
Come to the church at 10:00am and we’ll make some fun crafts! Be inspired, make something Pinterest-worthy, and let the creative juices flow! We’ll finish by lunchtime, and you are welcome to come eat with us afterwards! Hooray!

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