Montreat at the Halfway Point

Today marks the halfway point during the Montreat Conference. We’ve been enjoying the milder (even if sometimes rainy) weather the Keynote and Worship speakers are absolutely fantastic this year. Kudos to Montreat on that one.

I think there is no other time I enjoy lack of sleep so much as at Montreat. With days packed so full of listening in Keynote and Worship, discussing in small groups, prepping lunch and dinner, and enjoying Montreat itself, we also love our time together as a group and the ability to unpack the day’s events.

This afternoon is the free afternoon with no programming and we are looking forward to heading over to Asheville to relax, walk around, and enjoy being where we are. Looking forward to the next two days!

PS – We’ve been posting most regularly to our Instagram account while we are here. Take a look at those on our Facebook page by clicking here if you don’t have Instagram on your phone. If you do, you should follow us (@villagepcyouth)!

And here’s what happens when you sneak my phone to take a selfie… 🙂




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