Guest Blog: Grace the Intern

Hey Everyone! Grace Cantril here!

It is two days post New York Mission Trip. I am finally sans paint smears, my forehead is peeling, sock tan is fading, and my heart is happy. The workdays were long, but the week went by quickly. I can’t imagine a more energetic, cooperative, hard working, smiling gang of students to have work alongside for the week.

Here is a student made video of our week in New York!! Thanks Sara!!

Work Crew

We spent our first full day in NY wandering Coney Island, roller coaster-ing, boardwalk-ing, splashing on the beach, and consuming various plethoras of junk food smorgasbords. We then set off on our journey to Bethany Church with Next Step Ministries. Hannah and I decided to take a quick pit stop in Rockaway, NEW JERSEY before heading to meet up with the rest of the Village group in EAST Rockaway, NEW YORK. Monday was our first full day at Bethany.

The average day with NextStep look like:

6:45 AM … Wake up Call
7:15 AM … Sack lunch assembly + feasting on cereal
8:00 AM … Sunrise Devo & Saftey Talk
8:30 AM … Head to Crew Worksites
Noon … Lunch + Lunch Devo
3:30 PM … Head back to Bethany Church
4PM … Showers + Hang out time
6 PM … Dinner
7 PM … Night Worship
9-11 PM … Late Night Hang out + Back Home Group time
11 PM … Lights Out!

We packed ourselves into mini vans and set out Monday morning to seven different worksites. We painted, weeded, hammered, built decks, dry walled, swept, cleaned, ate, sang, danced, talked, listened, laughed, joked, bonded, and prayed on these sites. Everyday the hot summer sun kept us warm and dry. After working was over separate crews enjoyed cool drinks, ice cream, trips to CVS for snacks as a nightly treat after the day of hard work. Next, free time consisted of corn hole games, kickball, time at the beach, foot washing ceremonies, sharing of quotes, small groups, highs & lows, and generally a lot of goofiness and a lot of love.

We thankfully only to made it to Urgent Care twice this week for a splinter and a bruise. We are happy both students seemed to have minor injuries and recovered quickly.

For our final free day on Friday we packed in a walk through Central Park, Today Show viewing + Imagine Dragons Concert, several subway rides, 9/11 Memorial, a ferry ride, and the race to the pedestal at the Statue of Liberty.



Crazy Aunt Grace

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