HS Mission Trip – Work Day 2

The end of the second work day! Two down, two to go.

Today we finished up clearing the roof, as well as began the process of replacing rotted boards both on the roof itself and on the overhang. It is a bit of a process, to say the least. And when it is in the 90’s, with a heat index into the 100’s, it is even more of a process.

Everyone is doing a great job staying hydrated, as well as keeping the sunblock on. (So far we have no sunburns!) What we do have are some stinky clothes that we have sweated through (in some cases, sweated through twice!) as well as the task of two more days of hard work. In the meantime we are having a great experience and already have a lot of stories to share. Our hope is to get Bob’s roof in great shape by the end of the week!

Just a single photo to share today. At the end of the work day we were pretty desperate for some shade, so Jack B. managed to construct a “shade hut”. Apparently only Alex was cool enough to be invited to hang out in it. They look pretty content in their shade!


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