Youth Sunday & Senior Video

Thank you to everyone who helped with Youth Sunday today! It is always exciting to see so many students leading different worship services. Between the 4 services, all the folks who helped guide and lead worship did such a wonderful job. So a huge thank you to Corinne, Julia, Tessa, Olivia, Annie, Ben, Henry, Kennedy, Annalise, Mackenzie, John, Sarah, Stephanie, David, Jack, Jake, Ian, Kevin, everyone in the Village Voices, Emma, Kara, Kate, Jamie, Kathryn, Liz, Mary Grace, Elizabeth… whew! And of course thanks as well to the staff who helped as well – Shep, Mark, Chris, Kevin, Jess, and Jenny. If only we could involve 26+ people in worship every week!

Also, we honored our seniors last week and had a video where we got to hear from them. Here it is for everyone’s enjoyment, and it is posted on the video and media page as well!

Senior Dinner 2014 from Village Youth on Vimeo.

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