Countdown to Spring Break!

We are in the last week before Spring Break! What does that mean? SO. MANY. THINGS.

First, there is high school youth group tonight. The last one before a two-Sunday break. It will be an amazing night. High schoolers, come check it out tonight at 6:30pm; your last chance for Cheer until March 30th!

Second, we have middle school youth group on Wednesday night. It’s the last one before taking one week off for Spring Break. Will it be memorable? You know it! 6:30pm is when the fun starts!

Third, the Costa Rica Trip leaves this coming Saturday, March 15th (the Ides of March!). We’ll head to San Jose for the week working with the IEPCR. We are looking forward to an amazing trip and are excited to share about our experiences when we return. In the meantime, your prayers and thoughts are much appreciated while we are there next week!

The beautiful city of San Jose, Costa Rica

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