A New Associate Director

After a lengthy process, starting back in May, we are ready to announce the new Associate Director of Youth Ministry: Michelle “Mich” Phillips! The Search Committee recommended Mich for the position and in a called meeting earlier today, Session voted to approve the recommendation – Mich will start on Monday, November 4.

In preparation for the called Session meeting today I asked Mich for a short bio; I’m posting that same bio here:

Mich Out for a Hike

My passion is to accompany young people on their faith journey.  While it isn’t always an easy path it is one that gives me great joy in serving God and young people. Encouraging and empowering young people to see faith is an amazing part of the journey. I have been married to Eddie for 16 years and have a set of identical twins who began their freshman year at Blue Valley West. I love movies and playing sports. I have grown up in the Midwest, following my dad (a retired PCUSA minister) and have always been a part of small churches; while growing up, youth group often consisted of my sister and I and, well, that was no fun. However, over the years (almost 20 years volunteer or paid), I have enjoyed embracing the small numbers of youth and being able to help nurture their faith, service and leadership.  When the Village opportunity came about, I quickly felt an incredible peace that this would be the perfect time to expand my youth ministry experience. I am honored, excited and ready to begin this new chapter in my own journey with you.

We are all excited for the future that lies ahead!

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