A Brave New World

Well we are in new territory with a new website. The old website was good stuff. Things were relatively easy to find, it got you where you needed to go… all that good stuff. But life happens fast and sometimes you need to update things every week or even every couple of days. Sometimes you need to post important information:

Super important.

This allows us to keep all the important stuff posted: medical forms, trip registrations, updates, calendars, etc.

But it also allows us to post some other things: we can give updates on what is happening, post sudden changes (I’m looking at you, sudden snow storms in January), or just post things that we think you might enjoy or give you something to think about.

So, welcome! Enjoy! Take a look around! There are some links over there on the right side of the screen. There are good things to look at in the Newsletters, Videos & Media, and Calendar tabs.

And yes, we are in the process of adding more, so check in often!

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